Welcome to Blast2thePast.com

Welcome to Blast2thePast.com


Hollywood 1920s by Kevin Dellinger
"Hollywood 1920s" by Kevin Dellinger
Remember When - Times were simple back then. We did not have cell phones, computers, or Digital Phones. People were more neighborly. They had real well made Homes.

The Twentieth Century - A Kind Gentle Time. People sat around to talk. They gathered around the old time radio listening to their favorite shows. The television started out in black and white. Their music was heard on vinyl inside a record player. No fancy stereos or mp3 digital files. Just a natural warm sound by the sound of a needle. The pops and crackles from a record brought joy to many ears.
We present to you Big Band Music, live concerts, television, old time radio, celebrities, feature movies, commercials and more from the Past. Under the Public Domain and Creative Common License - this material is available for everyone. This is a blogger site connected to Google. There is much material that is linked to Youtube. Every now and then a post or video will be removed from Youtube. We apologize if this happens. We will try keep this blog up to date. However, Youtube likes to remove videos, so it is not unexpected.
We would also like to thank archive.org for archiving the past. Much content comes there.
Welcome to the Past where now it can be your Present. From the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s: Enjoy the Golden Era of Grand Entertainment.

Welcome to Blast2thePast.com!

Listen to a sample of one of our favorite songs:
"What is This Thing Called Love" by Cole Porter 
Cole Porter

Kevin Dellinger
We introduce to you the Blast2thePast.com administrator, Kevin Dellinger.
You can read his biography here.

Kevin created blast2thepast.com. He has a passion for the Past. There is so much that was created in a wonderful innocent time. This was the time of innocence, development, exploration, and admiration. This was the time before extreme technology. 


Thank you for visiting Blast2thePast.com!


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