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Night of the Living Dead

Friday, August 31, 2018

Blast2thepast is getting ready for the Halloween Season. The best way to celebrate this Fall in 2018 is to present a feature film classic from 1968. Warning: Adult supervision may be required due to violence. Enjoy!

Night of the Living Dead

SynopsisIn this classic yet still creepy horror film, strangers hold up in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse and battle constant attacks from dead locals who have been brought back to life by mysterious radiation.

People are Strange is Back - Released August 2018

People are Strange
by Kevin Dellinger

A very original song called, "People are Strange" was written in 1967 by Robert Krieger and Jim Morrison. The song was written due to the depression of Jim Morrison at that time. Laurel Canyon was the influence to the song.

After its release by "the Doors", it soon became a hit. The original song is 2:12 in length. It represents isolation. The song is heartfelt from depression of feeling alienated and cast out of society. 

There have been many covers done by different bands since 1987. Now, "People are Strange" is back. Independent recording artist, Kevin Dellinger has released a new licensed cover of this song. The official single release was August 29th 2018. It is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer and Tidal.

Kevin Dellinger has been an independent artist since 1990. His genres are electronic and alternative in nature. His inspirations came from progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd, R.E.M., U2, Depeche Mode, New Order and the Cure. Kevin Dellinger also listened to the Doors throughout childhood in the 1980s.

Recently, Kevin decided to do a cover song of "People are Strange." The voice is almost similar to Jim Morrison. Kevin was always told his voice was similar over the years. Also soon to be released will be "Light My Fire" by Kevin Dellinger. Be on the lookout for more licensed cover songs by Kevin Dellinger in the near future of 2018.

Listen to this preview of the song right here:

You can listen to over 30 albums by Kevin Dellinger on his website. This includes covers and singles. Visit his website at kmdellinger.com.

Share the new song of "People are Strange". Let us remember the Doors. We shall never forget.
There was a great magical moment of inspiration that created this song. It has meaning that although we may feel alone in the world. Maybe we should be more connected.

Kevin Dellinger

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Top Slang Words of the 1960s

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Top Slang Words of the 1960s

This post will give you a groovy time of hip words that made the 1960s a real Gas. Check out all the phrases that made it an original great time to be alive.

  • A gas - having a fun time
  • All show and no go - looks good superficially
  • Ape - crazy or mad
  • Bad -  awesome
  • Badass - trouble maker
  • Bean wagon - cheap restaurant, or a lowered car driven by Mexican Americans
  • Beat feet - leave quickly
  • Bench racing - sitting around and talking about the speed of their cars
  • Blast - a good time, a loud party
  • Blitzed - drunk
  • Bogart - to keep for yourself, to bully
  • Bone yard - a place to put junk or wrecked cars
  • Boob tube - television
  • Boogie board - a short surfboard
  • Bookin' - going fast in a car
  • Boss - fantastic
  • Brew - beer
  • Brody - skid half a circle in a car with the brakes locked
  • Bug - to bother
  • Bug out - to leave
  • Bummer - a bad thing or unpleasant experience
  • Burn rubber - squeal tires and leave rubber on the road
  • Catch some rays - get out in the sun
  • Cherry - mint condition
  • Chicken/To play chicken - two cars driving towards each other
  • Chinese firedrill - when four people get out of a car at a right light and exchange places in the car
  • Chop - to cut someone down verbally
  • Chrome Dome - bald man
  • Cool head - nice guy
  • Crash - sleep
  • Cut out - leave the area quickly
  • Decked out - dressed up
  • Deuce - putting two fingers up in a peace symbol
  • Dibs - ownership
  • Dig - understand
  • Don't flip your wig - don't be upset
  • Dove - a peace lover
  • Downer - an unpleasant experience
  • Drag - someone or something that is boring
  • Dropout - refuse to conform with society
  • Fab - fabulous
  • Fab Four - The Beatles
  • Far out - awesome
  • Fink - tattletale
  • Five finger discount - stolen
  • Flake - useless person
  • Flake off - leave
  • Flip flops - thongs
  • Flower power - the peaceful protest movement of the 60s counterculture 
  • Fox - good looking woman
  • Freak out - get excited and lose control
  • Freedom riders - civil rights protesters
  • Gimme some skin - to ask someone to slap or shake your hand in agreement
  • Gone - under the influence of drugs
  • Gnarly - difficult or big
  • Groovy - outstanding or nice
  • Groady - dirty
  • Grungy - looking shabby or dirty
  • Hacked - made someone mad
  • Hairy - difficult or out of control
  • Hang loose - take it very easy
  • Hang tough - to stick with something difficult
  • Hawk - a supporter of war
  • Heavy - a serious or intense subject
  • Hippie/Hippy - a member of the counterculture: a free sprited, unconventional person
  • Hog - to take over so that someone else cannot use
  • Hot dog - show-off
  • Hunk - good looking guy
  • In the groove - a person who is part of the in-crowd
  • Jam - play music together
  • Jazzed - excited
  • Jelly Roll - heroin
  • Kicks - something done for pleasure
  • Kiss off - dismiss
  • Kiss up - someone who will do anything to gain favor by another person
  • Knocked up - pregnant
  • Laid back - relaxed
  • Lay it on me - tell me
  • Lay rubber - stop fast and leave wheel marks on the road
  • Make out - kissing
  • Midnight auto supply - stolen auto parts
  • Mirror warmer - woman who spends a lot of time looking in the mirror
  • Moon - to drop your pants
  • Mop-top - someone with a Beatle-style haircut
  • Neato - awesome
  • Nifty - stylish or very good
  • No sweat - No problem
  • Old Lady - girlfriend/wife, somtimes mother
  • Old Man - boyfriend/husband, sometimes father
  • On the make - looking for a date
  • Outta sight - awesome
  • Pad - where you sleep or live
  • Panty waist - a boy who does not have a tough personality
  • Passion pit - drive-in movie
  • Peel out - accelerate quickly, leaving rubber on the road
  • Peggers - jeans with tight calfs and ankles
  • Pig - police officer
  • Pig out - overeat
  • Port holer - a sailor on a ship
  • Pound - to beat someone up
  • Race for pinks - race cars when the winner keeps the loser's car
  • Right on - OK, a term of agreement
  • Rip off - steal
  • Scarf - eat fast
  • Score - go all the way with a girl
  • Scratch - money
  • Shades - sunglasses
  • Shot down - rejected
  • Shotgun - passenger seat
  • Skag or Skank - an ugly girl
  • Skirt - a girl
  • Skuzz/Skuzz bucket- disgusting person or thing
  • Slug bug - Volkswagon beetle
  • Sock it to me - Let me have it
  • Solid - I understand
  • Souped up - lots of extra equipment
  • Split - to leave
  • Sponge - live off of someone else's money or belongings
  • Square - someone who is not cool
  • Stoked - likes someone or something a lot
  • Stoned - high on pot
  • Stuck up - conceited
  • Sweat hog - fat girl or boy
  • Tennies - tennis shoes
  • The Man - any authority figure who maintained the corporate, legal and political status quo
  • Threads - clothes
  • Ticked off - angry
  • Tight - very friendly
  • Toke - a puff from a marijuana cigarette
  • Tooling - driving around
  • Tough - great looking
  • Tuff - cool or very enjoyable
  • Tune out - ignore
  • Turn off - to respulse someone
  • Truckin' - moving quickly
  • Twice Pipes - two muffler tail pipes
  • Twitchin' - great or awesome
  • Unglued - upset
  • Unreal - so outstanding that it was difficult to believe
  • Uptight - tense and unable to enjoy life
  • Way out - beyond explanation
  • What's your bag, man? - what are you into? what's your problem?
  • Wipe out - to fail in a big way or to fall off the surfboard
  • Zilch - zero
  • Zit - pimple
Source for 1960s Slang