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Welcome to Blast2thePast.com

Howdy Doody Time in August

Monday, August 3, 2015

This Day in August, it is Howdy Doody Time!

Published 1949
Topics Classic TV, Television, 40s, 40's, 1940s, 1940's, American Culture, United States, America, NBC, National Broadcasting Company, 1949, Howdy Doody, Entertainment, Entertaining, forties, Children's television,
"1940's Television: An episode of "Howdy Doody" from the 3rd of August, 1949.

This episode features many of the aspects which made the show one of early TV's biggest hits, and even contains original NBC Network IDs.

Overall, an unusual example of children's TV from the era when what worked and what didn't was still being worked out."
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