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Welcome to Blast2thePast.com

Would Cole Porter Roll in His Grave?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anything Goes? Really? Let us look back into the past. Back in the day when Cole Porter was alive, things were much different. Well, at least all the things that are exposed today were not so public.
Would Cole Porter roll in his grave? Cole Porter was a genius songwriter. He was known for songs like "What Is This Thing Called Love," "Night and Day," "Love for Sale" and "Begin the Beguine."
He was known for writing music for Broadway. Cole Porter was successful. His private parties were also very exciting.

But what about today? Look at all the Chaos in the world. Would he be writing dance music or hip hop? Or would Cole Porter go on the American Idol? Sometimes we must realize that certain people are just meant to be around for a certain style of time.

Who knows maybe that song he wrote "Anything Goes" really did make an impact on today's culture. People really took the meaning of that song to heart. We have more exposure in entertainment. Do you think Cole Porter would fall back in his chair if he watched Miley Cyrus? That would definitely inspire Cole Porter to do a remix.

Today's world has lost its moral core. The innocence is gone. Now we are dealing with growing up. Everything kept in the dark has now been revealed out in the open. It is up to us on what we do with it. But you can only repeat the same action over and over again over many years until you lose that creative step. Cole Porter always kept things fresh. He was inspired. He was full of ambition, creativity, and excitement. He cared.

Do people care anymore? Entertainment is more of an artificial commercialized business. Only the elite select few become celebrities. Much undiscovered talent will remain to be lost. But wait, Cole was elite. Maybe only select few really do make a difference. To answer the question: Yes He would Roll in His Grave. He would probably get up and dance. But many of the things he would see happening, he would have to do a double take. We are living in different times. Everything is so exposed. We are now connecting in a much stronger pace. Consciousness is rising.