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Somewhere over the Rainbow

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Over the Rainbow" (often referred to as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow") is a classic Academy Award-winning ballad song with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg.[1] It was written for the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, and was sung by actress Judy Garland in her starring role as Dorothy Gale.[1] Over time it would become Garland's signature song.
In the film, part of the song is played by the MGM orchestra over the opening credits. About five minutes into the movie, actress Judy Garland playing the lead character, Dorothy, sings "Over the Rainbow" after unsuccessfully trying to get her aunt and uncle to listen to her relate an unpleasant incident involving her dog, Toto, and the nasty spinster, Miss Gulch (Margaret Hamilton). Dorothy's Aunt Em tells her to "find yourself a place where you won't get into any trouble", prompting Dorothy to walk off by herself. She muses to Toto "Someplace where there isn't any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto? There must be. It's not a place you can get to by a boat, or a train. It's far, far away. Behind the moon, beyond the rain.....", and begins singing the song. The famous sequence itself, as well as the entirety of the Kansas scenes, was directed (though uncredited) by King Vidor.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tex Beneke Biography

Gordon Lee "Tex" Beneke (February 12, 1914 – May 30, 2000[1][2]) was an American saxophonist, singer, and bandleader. His career is a history of associations with bandleader Glenn Miller and former musicians and singers who worked with Miller. His band is also associated with the careers of Eydie Gorme, Henry Mancini and Ronnie Deauville. Beneke also solos on the recording the Glenn Miller Orchestra made of their popular song, "In The Mood" and sings on another popular Glenn Miller recording, "Chattanooga Choo Choo". Jazz critic Will Friedwald considers Beneke to be one of the major blues singers who sang with the big bands of the early 1940s
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The Glenn Miller Orchestra - Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Glenn Miller and His Orchestra with refrain by Marion Hutton, Ernie Caceres and The Modernaires recorded their version in New York City on January 5, 1942. It was released by Bluebird Records as catalog number B 11450A (in USA) and by EMI on the His Master's Voice label as catalog number BD 5784.
The 1st verse of the song is featured on episode Stewie Kills Lois of the animated sitcom Family Guy where the Character Herbert (Family Guy) tries to seduce Chris Griffin.

Juke Box Saturday Night by The Modernaires & Paula Kelly

Friday, August 17, 2012

Moppin' up sodapop rickeys
To our heart's delight
Dancin' to swingeroo quickies
Jukebox Saturday night

Goodman and Kyser and Miller
Help to make things bright
Mixin' hot licks with vanilla
Jukebox Saturday night

They put nothin' past us
Me and honey lamb
Making one Coke last us
Till it's time to scram

Money we really don't need bad,
We make out alright
Lettin' the other guy feed that
Jukebox Saturday night

After sippin' a soda we got a scheme
Somebody else plays the record machine
It's so easy to say pet names
When you listen to the trumpet of Harry James...

We love to hear that tenor croon
Whenever the Ink Spots sing a tune...

("The Ink Spots"):
If I didn't know why the roses grow
Then I wouldn't know why the roses grow...
(Spoken) Now listen, honey child,
If I didn't know all them little things I'm supposed to know
Then I sure would be a SAD man
If I didn't know...

Money we really don't need it,
We make out alright
Lettin' the other guy feed that
Jukebox Saturday night! 
Release Year: 1946
LP Source: Columbia Record# 36992.

Glenn Miller and the Modernaires - Make Believe Ballroom Time

Monday, August 13, 2012

This is yet another great tune by the Glenn Miller Orchestra and The Modernaires.

In October 1940, Glenn Miller engaged them to record It's Make Believe Ballroom Time, a sequel to the original Make Believe Ballroom, which they had recorded earlier for Martin Block's big band show of the same name, on WNEW New York.
Songs made popular by Miller and The Modernaires included "Perfidia", "Chattanooga Choo-Choo", with Tex Beneke (the first-ever "gold record" with over one million copies sold), "I Know Why", "Elmer's Tune", "Serenade In Blue", and "Kalamazoo", with Beneke, among others.
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Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli - Together (Wherever We Go)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From The Judy Garland Show #3 (1963)

Mother and Daughter together singing. A very special moment for the both of them considering their lives were about to be changed forever. That is why we should always cherish the time we have with our loved ones while we can.